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Seac Jack Wrist FreedivingDiving Computer,Digital 3D Compass, Smartwatch.

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Product Description SEAC Jack

Seac Jack Wrist FreedivingDiving Computer,Digital 3D Compass, Smartwatch.

Not only your freediving buddy.

but more! The Seac Jack Freediving and Scuba Wrist Computer is the ultimate free dive, Scuba dive, watch and exercise activity companion computer.

With multiple functions like altimeter, barometer, temperature, weather forecast, stopwatch (Chrono), lunar phases, alarm clock dual time, not to mention fitness functions including pedometer, distance, speed, calories burned, this wrist instrument will get you through your entire lifestyle and more!

Freediving Use:

IPTM is the first algorithm to calculate the minimum advisable recovery time between dives, helping keep the risk of Taravana to a minimum.

Here how it works:

Tissue Saturation Factor (TSF) Calculated using Buhlmanns ZHL 16 B algorithm – the TSF utilizes dive time, depth, dive speed descent and ascent, and the dive dynamic.

Hypoxia Factor depth and duration of the previous dive, Dehydration Factor number of dives done, depth and duration of the dives.

Free diver behavior consideration of the recovery time of previous dives and adjusting the level of conservatism.

Prevention for Hemptysis and Pulmonary Oedema Set the depth, the JACK will let you know how to get there.

Just set the depth you want to achieve and JACK will guide you through the first three dives to warm up your pulmonary capillaries and reduce the risk of developing pulmonary edema and hemoptysis.

To fully appreciate the freediving aspects of the Jack we must first review these diseases:

The Hemoptysis is technically the emission of blood from the respiratory tract and when it comes to spearfishingfreediving, it typically indicates the presence of a pulmonary edema, presence of blood in the lungs.

What is the cause of hemoptysis and Edema Your lungs are encompassed by a multitude of blood vessels (pulmonary capillaries) particularly sprayed with blood.

To explain such a phenomenon in very laymans terms, make believe capillaries are muscles.

A muscle subjected to a sudden great stress in the absence of a prior warm up phase tends to tear itself.

This is what happens with your capillaries when you dive to great depths without adequate warm up dives at shallower depths, this causes the presence of blood in the lungs.

To reduce the risk of pulmonary edema the Jack tells you how many warm up dives you need to do and the relevant depth in relation to the target depth you can set (in the OEDEMA function).

For example if the edema value is set to 115 (35 meter).

The computer will then suggest what depths is recommended to reach with the three warm up dives before you dive to 115 (35 meters), to reduce the risk of pulmonary edema and subsequent hemoptysis.

The Taravana (madness in Polynesian) is instead a malady whose prevention is increasingly considered both by free divers and spear fishermen.

The symptoms of this syndrome are comparable to severe decompression sickness during Scuba diving activities and involves problems in speech, walking, and in severe cases seizure and up to a coma.

Underlying causes of this malady recognized factors that increase the risk of Taravana are:

Long stays at great depth with repeated dives (long sessions 2-4 hours) typical of spear fishermen activity, in the absence of an adequate recovery time at the surface.

Exposure to great depth in the absence of an adequate recovery time at the surface.

(Typical of pure free divers).

Hypoxia (Insufficient presence of oxygen in the body) and Dehydration.

The Jack Computer after each dive will suggest the minimum Recovery Time (RECOVERY) before you following dive.

The recovery time is calculated on the basis of the depth, duration and (if the MULTI function is set active) compliance of the recommended recovery time of the previous dive (if you didnt follow the surface recovery time recommendations after the previous dive, the Jack will suggest a longer recovery).

Once the recommended recovery time is completed the computer no longer highlights it and continues to display the actual surface time.

Based on the number of performed dives, dive duration and depth, the computer display the HYDRATE alarm to remind diver to hydrate (even if the need is not felt).

In short the Jack is the ultimate free diving and spear fishing dive computer on the market today! Other features of the Jack ive Computer are:

Free Dive Data Suggested recovery time (using Algorithm), recovery time countdown, surf time, depth, dive time, dive number speed, maximum depth, water temperature, time, graphic profile last dive in session, and session summary with average data.

Alarms fixed depth goal notify, fixed step goal notify, dive-time notify, hydration notify.

Alarms type are acoustic and visual.

Compass 3D compass, tilt-compensated up to 90 with accelerometers.

Scuba Mode:.

Mix 1 (air or EAN) 21%-50%, personal adjustment 6 levels, decompression model Buhlmann ZHL-16 B, safety stop adjustment (time and depth), deep stop function, last decompression stop adjustment, dive planner no decompression limit and Deco Planner.

Computer backlight type is an LE Super-Bright backlight with activation mode for duration timer, manual onoff, and always-on in water.

The display is a 100% matrix, 80×80 pixel design.

Computer is built to last with a bezel material of stainless steel, case material composite, crystal material mineral glass and the strap is silicone and includes an extension strap for use with heavy or thick exposure suits.

Power is supplied by a USB rechargeable battery with 1 recharge providing 40 hours of diving or 2-3 months in watch mode and 6-7 months in stand-by.

Computer memory logbook holds 160 hours Scuba (sampling rate 10 sec), 18 hours free dive (sampling rate 1 sec) and 600 dives in free dive mode.

The computer has a maximum depth rating of 492 (150 meters), has a PCMac connection USB cable (included), is updatable with included interface and comes with an owners manual.


Ultimate free dive, scuba dive, watch exercise activity companion computer.

Altimeter, barometer, temperature, weather forecast, lunar phases, alarm clock dual time.


First Algorithm to Calculate Minimum Advisable Recovery Time Between Dives.

TSOUNDS4FUN (Tissue Saturation Factor) utilizes dive time, depth, dive speed descentascent and dive dynamic.


3D compass, tilt-compensated up to 90 degree waccelerometers.

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